Core XR7 Skyscraper

Core XR7 Kite

Cores Ultimate Freeride and Big Air Kite with endless Hangtime!

The XR has always been a high performance Freeride and Big Air Kite. The new Core XR7 makes no difference to that: the kite feels fresh, but familiar! Therefore, the XR7 serves anyone – from kite beginners riding their first meters to big air enthusiasts hunting their next new PR on their WOO! If you are looking for a comfortable and yet powerful kite that will take your freeride sessions to the next level – the XR7 is for you! Check out all the updates of the new Core XR7, to know which innovations await you!

The XR is looking back on 12 years of development and is a high performance allround kite with a very broad fanbase. The Sheet-In-And-Go Power serves beginners that learn how to ride upwind and do their first jumps. The Core XR7 cruises upwind with no effort and offers a huge depower. Therefore, you can handle its enormous power very comfortably. The five strut construction is super strong and can withstand any major gust without flapping. Thanks to the CIT (Core Intelligent Trim) System you can adjust the Core XR7 to your own preferences. For example, there is an option for wave, all-round and freestyle. The Core XR7 comes "ready-to-fly" from the bag in the all-round setting. The short bridles give you a nice direct feeling with the XR7 so that you always know what the kite is going to do and you will not be faced with surprises – with the XR7 you can send huge rotational jumps and definitely always know, where your kite is located in the wind window.

The Core XR7 received some major updates compared to the XR6. Most importantly, Core introduced its new flight cloth CoreTex2 for the first time. Core has been actively developing this cloth over the past years and now it celebrates its debut on the new XR7. CoreTex2 is more tear resistant, more durable and will last you even longer thanks to a new coating. This new coating makes the cloth a lot stronger, stiffer and even saves a bit of weight. This makes the Core XR7 even more durable than before.
Also new on the Core XR7 are the ExoTex Light Struts. This material was first used on the XLite and ExoTex Light Struts have boosted the performance of the Nexus2 a lot. These struts are made out of the special ExoTex material, that saves a lot of weight and offers a bit more flexibility. Both of this make faster turning speeds possible on the new XR7.
To adapt to the new materials and to offer a more direct feedback and higher turning speeds, Core did some small updates to the shape of the XR7 as well as to the bridles.

If you are looking for a bullet-proof high-performance boosting machine with power on demand and a comfortable cruiser in one – get the new Core XR7!

  • Freeride | Big Air
  • 5 Struts
  • new: CoreTex 2 Canopy
  • new: ExoTex Light Struts
  • new: Less weight and faster turning speed
  • High Y
  • CIT – Core Intelligent Trim
  • Large Wind Range
  • Great Depower
  • Available in sizes: 5.0 | 6.0 | 7.0 | 8.0 | 9.0 | 10.0 | 11.0 | 12.0 | 13.5
  • Available in colors: Black and White

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