CORE NEXUS 2 Light Wind

Unexpected power and excitement for those not-so-windy summer days. And now, with an all-new ExoTex Light frame, the three-strut Nexus 2 LW delivers even better lightwind performance. Don't compromise your lightwind sessions and pack the universal kite that's guaranteed to deliver. The CORE Nexus 2 LW.

Sweet cutbacks and relaxed down-the-liners are on tap with the ultra agile and efficient Nexus 2 LW. Our lightest Nexus yet has the horespower for impressive freestyle action and CORE's signature linear depower for fun wave or foil sessions. Expect the unexpected with CORE's best Universal+ Series kite to date.


Choosing between hollow waves with endless shoulders or an adrenaline-fueled freestyle session off super smooth kickers is tough. New adventures and challenges are often a classic either/or question. A game of uncertainty with unpredictable conditions. But one kite is guaranteed to deliver. The CORE Nexus 2. Be prepared, no matter what the next session brings.

The secret behind the Nexus' versatility is its highly refined three strut Future-C shape. It combines the proven surf profile of the Section with the progressive sportiness of the GTS. It loves to turn and drift down-the-line with intuitive control. Be it hard cutbacks or sublime downwinders, the Nexus 2 will excite your senses.

How does the Nexus 2 deliver explosive power to extended hangtime, stylish strapless moves, or brute force loops? With CIT Modes that change its character in seconds and gives the Nexus 2 its impressive versatility. So, pack your Nexus and go on an adventure. Lean back, relax and indulge in the beauty that Mother Nature has in store for you. And be captivated by the many sides of the Nexus 2! 


Radical Reaction Wingtips
The Nexus 2's agility is on fire! Wider, optimized wingtips improve control and give the Nexus 2 even more sporty and dynamic behavior. A side benefit of its wider tips is improved water relaunching – a big bonus for foilers.

3 Strut Light Frame
Three struts just turn better. Fewer struts allow the kite to twist better which improves wave performance and kiteloops. Additional weight savings are achieved with new ExoTex Light struts. Our lighter dacron really helps the kite drift effortlessly in waves.

ExoTex Light
No-stretch ExoTex Light replaces Exotex Ultra Rigid Dacron in the struts. The new Dacron incorporates a re-engineered radial thread pattern and emulsion (protectie coating) process that reduces mass by approximately 10%. While ExoTex is used for the leading edge, the new ExoTex Light struts improve the Nexus 2's drifting and turning speed -- important attributes for freestylers and wave riders.

Future-C Shape
The Nexus 2 relies on our proven Future-C Shape. The moderate aspect ratio shape delivers smooth and controllable turns with an unmistakable "on-center" feel. Try a Future-C kite, and you'll never go back!

CIT Modes
Choose your character by selecting your favorite no-snag CIT modes on the leading edge bridle connection points. The Freestyle mode increases your turn radius, stabilizes the kite for easier moves, and proides little extra grunt. In Wave mode, the kite turns faster, increases depower and doesn't pull you off you strapless board. The kite comes out of the bag in Allround mode which provides excellent depower, grunt, and hangtime.
Finish your personalization by adjusting the steering line connection points to set turning speed and bar pressure. But don't worry, the kite comes ready to fly in the most common settings!

Instant Relaunch
A quick relaunch is critical when you have a menacing wave that is about to eat your kite. The refined tips help the Nexus 2 find its relaunch position in a jiffy. Wave riders will appreciate how well the kite releases from the water with a quick tug especially when time is of the essence. And foilers will appreciate the kite's improved reverse launching ability.



The Nexus 2 is fully compatible with the Sensor 3, Sensor 2S and Sensor 2 bar systems.

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