At we have been offering the latest in Kiteboarding equipment since 1999. We offer kiteboarding gear from Top brands such as Cabrinha, North Kiteboarding, Dakine, Ocean Rodeo, NP Surf, ION and many more. 
Whether your are new to Kiteboarding, working on new tricks  or riding waves, We have the experience to help you choose the gear that is right for your individual needs at the best possible prices.
2020 Duotone Vario Combo Binding
Price: $119.95
In stock
2020 Duotone Vegas Kite
Price: $1,319.95
In stock
Cabrinha Quickloop Complete QR System
Price: $76.99
In stock
Cabrinha Trimlite Extension Kit
Price: $43.99
In stock
Mystic Majestic X LEN10
Price: $389.99
In stock