At Inland Sea & Kitesite we're dedicated to creating safe, proficient and independent kiteboarders. Our kiteboarding lessons are geared to getting you on the water and riding upwind in a safe manor as soon as possible. 

We primarily teach private 1 on 1 kiteboarding lessons giving you the most intimate and personal teaching experience possible.

Why Take Kiteboarding Lessons with

1. Quality, not quantity: We do not believe large group kiteboarding lessons work well or are cost effective for our customers. There is a lot going on and having a one on one experience is more safe and you will learn more when you are given 100% of the instructors attention. Standing around on the beach waiting for "you turn" is not something you should pay for.

We only Charge you for the time YOU are learning to Kiteboard

2. You Get What you Pay For! You pay for the time you are being personally attended to and only for time you are in a kiteboarding lesson.

Splitting up your time with others is lost money. In a group lesson you are paying for a lot of time you are idle. The instructors' time is divided, the gear is divided. We don't think this is fair to you.

3. Customization: We treat every student as an individual with individual abilities and difficulties. No student learns at the same pace or brings the same skill set to the kiteboarding lesson. Some students need more time to work on a particular skill. Some need less. With one on one lessons we go at your pace, not the pace of the group.

4. No Deposit - Just Pay after the Lesson:

  • No Wind=No Lesson=No money out of your pocket. Why make you pay in advance for something that may not happen? Others take your money and then give you store credit if you don't get what you paid for. We don't think that makes sense or is fair at all.
  • You pay by the Hour and when the lesson is over. If we get in 2 hours, that's what you pay for. We will not sell you 5-6 hours of lessons over a weekend when we cannot guarantee your money's worth.

5. There is no END of the LESSON: The kiteboarding lesson is over when you say it's over! We don't get you to a "certain point", check it off and call it good. We want you to go as far in the lessons as possible.

Generally we will have you working with the board after a few hours. These and other reasons, make kiteboarding lessons on Cape Cod with Inland Sea & Kitesite the cost effective, safe, personal experience kiteboarding should be!

We teach our kiteboarding lessons on all Brand New Cabrinha kites and boards.

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 CAPE HATTERAS Kiteboarding Instruction:
  KITE HATTERAS offers the most efficient form of teaching on the East Coast. Ty Luckett's custom kite boats offer safe and dry comfort as well as launching from the boat with all the equipment you need for any conditions. You will be on the water quickly with kites that are already rigged and a compressor to inflate them. More time for you to learn!
When in Hatteras take a lesson with Ty, you will not be disapointed!
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