How do I get started signing up for kiteboarding lessons?

Call the shop at - 888-465-2632 - local : 508-398-1333

Or fill out a quick form.

Is kiteboarding hard?

Anyone can learn! Kiteboarding consists of two main components to master including; kite flying skills and board skills. Whether you have experience in either, we will customize your lesson to get you on the water safely.

Do you have to be in really good shape?

No. It's all about technique and using the power of the kite to your advantage.

How long does it take to get riding?

Everyone is different so that is why we offer customized one-on-one lessons.

Do I need to buy any gear before my lesson?

You don't need to buy any gear because we will provide the gear for the lesson.

Where are the spots to do this sport on the Cape and around Boston?

The Cape offers some popular beaches such as in West Dennis and Chapin Memorial beaches. Around Boston there is Revere and Nahant beaches.

What resources do you use to check the upcoming forecast?

How much wind do you need to get riding?

You can start kiteboarding starting with 12mph.

Is it kiteboarding or kitesurfing?

Kiteboarders use kiteboards, while, kitesurfers use surfboards on the waves.

How much is the gear?

We offer good deals on kite and board packages to get anyone started!