2019 Slingshot Hypermiler
Price: $1,110.00
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2019 Slingshot Simulator
Price: $666.00
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2020 Slingshot Outwit SUP Foilboard A versatile SUP foil board for small to medium waves, rolling swell and open-ocean downwind runs. The Outwit’s short, narrow, high-volume profile is designed to make getting up to speed and catching waves as easy as possible while remaining agile, playful and pumpable once you’re on-foil and cruising.
Price: $1,359.00
Sale: $1,223.00
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2020 Slingshot Wake WF1
Price: $721.00
Sale: $649.00
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Slingshot Half Straps are exactly what the name suggests- they're half of a foot strap designed to provide leverage and a locked-in feel with the confidence of knowing you can kick free of your board when you crash. No more twisted ankles and sketchy crashes from getting stuck to your foil board.
Price: $59.95
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Slingshot Ghost Whisper
Price: $1,799.00
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