Takuma LOL Profoil (Carbon Mast)

This hydrofoil is the ultimate, the most versatile, high performance maneuverable foil on the market. Designed by Foil Master Laurent BORGNA in New Caledonia, LOL FOILS are a game-changing evolution in the foiling world!  




The smaller wing (1300 cm2) gives unmatched maneuverability with extreme turning performance. Hence, the stabilizer differs from the LB 1600 and LB 1900 setups.  It is the ultimate option for surf foiling. Its amazing in both waves and SUP foiling. Designed for speed, this foil is surprisingly stable. It`s greatest innovation is provided by the revolutionary winglets that allow the wings to be more efficient at creating more lift while minimising drag. This setup is the perfect choice for downwinding in conditions of strong wind or large swells.  Ideal for : Carving, Surffoil, Supfoil, Wakefoil, Downwind (strong wind conditions), Wingfoil, Kitefoil, Windfoil

FRONT WING Wing Span : 790 mm Chord : 210 mm Project Area : 1300 cm2  STABILIZER 270 Wing Span : 380 mm Chord : 85 mm Project area : 270 cm2  75cm full carbon


Wing 1600 is the ultimate choice for medium to advanced level riders. Ideal for : Carving ,SUP FOIL, Surf Foil,Wakefoil, Downwind, Wing Foil

FRONT WING Wing Span : 865mm Chord : 245 mm Project Area : 1600 cm2  STABILIZE30270 Wing Span 430 mm Chord : 85 mm Project area : 300 cm2  75cm full carbon


With exceptional glide, speed control and maneuverability, the PROFOIL 1900 is designed to be the most efficient downwind foil on the market! Added winglets allow the wings to be more efficient at creating lift and reducing drag.  This is the best foil for downwind foiling. Takuma’s rider Clément Colmas took 3rd place in the foil category at the M2O, the mythical Hawaiian race from Molokai to Oahu island.  The 1900 wing is the perfect choice for mid to heavyweight riders in most conditions. LOL PROFOIL LB 1900 is available in both carbon and aluminum. The Front wing and rear stabilizer are full carbon with aluminum mast and fuselage. Full carbon set options are also available. All parts sold separately are modular and fully compatible.  Ideal for : SUP foiling in small waves, downwinding, wing foiling in light wind conditions

FRONT WING Wing Span : 1030mm Chord : 250mm Project Area : 1900 cm2  STABILIZE30270 Wing Span : 430 mm Chord : 85 mm Project area : 300 cm2  75cm full carbon



Pre-preg carbon 

Foam core



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